The Olivia Necklace

The Olivia Necklace – In astrology, its powers are said to resolve disputes and promote healthy marriage. The peridot is an ancient stone that ranges in color from light green to olive, and has always carried mystic connotations. The Olivia necklace, part of the double Flowing Lines collection, mimics this numinous energy to create a piece that is impossible to ignore. With 15 peridots and 56 diamonds, the Olivia Necklace was made for the upscale woman who enjoys the life of luxury.

Peridot – The Birthstone of August

Some insight into Peridot, the birthstone for August…



Pink and Blue Sapphire Necklace

Today’s featured piece is a Pink and Blue Sapphire Necklace, Handmade in 18k Yellow Gold with 8 Oval Pink Sapphires Weighing 12.88 Carats Total and 7 Oval Blue Sapphires Weighing 12.16 Carats Total. An original design available only at Kaufmann de Suisse Jewelers.

Palm Beach Lariat Necklace

The Palm Beach Lariat Necklace with Onyx, Gray and White Freshwater Pearls

The Palm Beach Lariat Necklace with Onyx, Gray and White Freshwater Pearls.

So elegant and versatile. You can wear this piece with anything from casual to formal wear.

Palm Beach Lariat Necklace


We just received another great picture…

The booth at Kaufmann de Suisse displaying The Palm Beach Lariat Necklace with Gretchen Rossi. The trade show was the Aesthetic Everything show in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thanks so much for the picture.