Generations of
Kaufmann de Suisse

Through a vision of beauty and perfection, Kaufmann de Suisse jewellers brings to life remarkable jewellery designs that reflect the spirit of the times we live in, the sophistication of beauty stirred by nature, and the ethereal inspiration of the soul. Its jewellery is renowned the world over for combining the complex with the simple, the extraordinary with the everyday, and for adorning each masterpiece with the finest quality gemstones available.

Founded in 1954 by Swiss born Montrealer, Emil Pius Kaufmann, Kaufmann de Suisse is esteemed for its reputation of integrity and is regarded with respect by the elite of the international jewelry community for its adherence to the highest production standards and for the winning of the industry’s most coveted award no less than five times – the Diamond International Awards for Excellence in Jewellery Design.

Today’s Kaufmann de Suisse is a vibrant, dynamic entity, embracing the younger generation by integrating new ideas and artistic expressions, and by continuously evolving its interpretation of beauty inspired by nature, with its “Flowing Lines” design.

Proud of its Quebec and Canadian origins, Kaufmann de Suisse is the only family-owned Canadian jewelry manufacturer and retailer to have expanded internationally and now count  three impressive locations to its name – the inviting and tranquil Crescent Street showroom in Montreal, the luxurious boutique on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, and the prestigious New York salon on Madison Avenue, each with an in-house jewelry workshop housing a world-class team of master jewelers.

The firm’s 50th Anniversary occasioned the introduction of two new editions of its celebrated Flowing Lines style. Each of the new collections, Cascade and Nouveau, exemplifies its own unique blend of sophistication and ethereal beauty, appealing to a new generation of lovers of the finest of fine jewellery.  At the same time, the Art Deco and Art Nouveau influences that instigated the creation, and that radiate throughout the Flowing Lines style, will continue to delight.  Kaufmann de Suisse’ faithful commitment to this signature collection ensures the lasting value and recognizability of Kaufmann de Suisse jewellery. In fact, each piece is a limited edition, handmade work of art, created in one of its three North American on-site workshops.

Through his dedication, his talent and his love, Emil Pius has succeeded, though example, of passing on his passion and his love of fine jewellery making to all three of his children – Christopher, Charles and Moneca.

The following catalogue is presented as a tribute to our loving and devoted father and as a commemorative depiction of the outstanding dedication and beauty created by a very resolute, artistic and visionary man in celebration of his life’s work. We wish to express to you, Dad, our love, our gratitude, and our hope of following in your steps in a way that will always make you proud. Thank you for being our teacher, mentor, and our loving father. Here’s to you Dad!